Friday, 30 October 2015

Seeing dead people can be boring.

Status: Stand Alone
Author:  Dan Watters, Neil Gibson, Caspar Wijngaard, Jan Wijngaard
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Contemporary
General Thoughts: Not that good...
Rating: 2/5 stars.


In tortured life, we hear about the story of Richard, and how his life slowly turned bad by his very special gift. Now, at his lowest point, an even occurs that gives him a new reason to stay alive, and actually, fight to stay alive.

When I was looking for new graphic novels to read in NetGalley (because honestly, they're so easy to read) and I saw this, I was really excited. It sounded like something that I could definitely like. But, something that I've come to realize, is an indicator of a possible bad story, is that the blur doesn't really talk about the plot. It talks about general storyline. When I read this, I wasn't sure of what was coming, but if I had known it was going to turn into this? I would have saved time and just don't read it.

I was expecting some fun, adventurous, filled with paranormal story. Instead, I got an unnecessary story, with unnecessary fillings and one hell of a weird out come. I swear, if I had read the final part with the first half, I wouldn't have guessed it was the same.

The story of Richard having a gift to see how people die sounded awesome, Sad for him, but awesome for me to read. But that wasn't it. There was also a weird plot about a weird ghost-avenger who wanted to kill him just because. And then the ending.

The ghost was himself? And he was a clone? Of a guy who had a twin? Or was it the twin the ghost? Or was it the combination of both?

All the same, the ending felt really rushed, and it felt like it hadn't been planned out at all, but rather a spur-of-the-moment kind of word-vomit. It was all over the place, and I'm not sure it made complete sense.

Also, it was really grotesque. But like, really, unnecessary grotesque. It had people's brains and guts flying all over the place, and blood pouring out of the paper. And it was like the author knew his story wasn't that good and decided to stick all that blood so that people would stay. Don't get me wrong, I normally don't complain about that. The realest the better. And when I started reading this, I felt it might be that way. But then it just got ridiculous.

The art style wasn't exactly pretty, and at times I wasn't sure of what the surroundings really where. Other than that, it was an enjoyable piece of work, without the guts.

Even thought all this, I did enjoy some of this. It wasn't a complete and total disaster. It was fast paced, at least the first part, and kind of gripping.

I don't think you should waste much time with this. And not everyone likes all this gross blood gutsy. Nah, I've wasted time.

Small disclaimer section.

Due to it being an ARC, I won't put the first lines.

I received this copy in exchange of an honest review, for so, none of my feelings were affected or biased by the author or publisher.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Todos sabiamos, pero nadie sabía.

Status: Stand Alone
Author: Gabriel García Marquéz
Genre: Adult Fiction, Classic, Latin-american Literature
General Thoughts: Splendid
Rating: 5/5 stars.


First Lines
El día en que lo iban a matar, Santiago Nasar se levantó a las 5.30 de la mañana para esperar el buque en que llegaba el obispo. Había soñado que atravesaba un bosque de higuerones donde caía una llovizna tierna, y por un instante fue feliz en el sueño, pero al despertar se sintió por completo salpicado de cagada de pájaros.

En Crónica de una Muerte Anunciada, conocemos la historia de Santiago Nassar, que fue asesinado aquel día de la llegada del obispo, después de todos, menos él, supieran de que iba a suceder. Poco a poco, nos cuentan la historia de como llego a suceder, por qué y como se enteró todo el mundo menos él.

Amé este libro con cuerpo y alma. Lo leí con tanta pasión y desesperación, y estaba tan sumergida en la historia que por mucho tiempo no pude dejar de pensat en ella. Todo estaba tan bien construido y tan bien planeado, que no había otra que amar la historia.

Empezando por que amo las historias que no empiezan en el principio, ni en la mitad, sino que te dicen de una vez lo sucedido, y luego van saltando estratégicamente en el tiempo para contarte la historia. De ésta manera, no sufres pensando porque crees saber que va a pasar, sino que ya lo sabes, pero no sabes como, o cuando, o por qué. Esta historia fué exactamente eso, y fue extremadamente bien hecha. Primero te cuentan que murió, y que hizo Santiago Nassar esa mañana, mientras te hablan de su vida. De allí en adelante saltamos de adelante para atras entre lo sucedido ese día, las razones que habían para matarlo, y en puntos de vista de la gente del pueblo. Lo amé.

Poco a poco me iba enterando de cosas nuevas, y con eso, la historia iba cambianda de tono. Primero era algo terrorifico, pero intrigante. Luego se torna algo cómico, al ver a la gente del pueblo y como iban enterandose. Luego, se torna triste, al saber la historia que viene detras de todo ésto. Y por última, deprimente, con un sentimiento de impotencia total, y de desesperación. Pero a la vez, obtienes algo de alivio también.

La historia en si es absolutamente intrincada, pero, sorprendentemente, no es díficil de entender. Por supuesto, me pides que te la cuente, y me pierdo, pero si estoy segura de lo que pasó, en general. Y realmente, su complicariedad se debe a que se está viendo el punto de vista de muchas personas, y todos tienen un versión diferente, del mismo cuento. Y realmente, García Marquez hizo un gran trabajo creando la historia, viendo como hacerle los nudos.

Realmente amé ésta historia, para siempre en mi. El final es uno de los mejores finales que he visto, y me encantó.

Friday, 16 October 2015

The King of the Plot-Twists

Title: Pines
Status: Wayward Pines #1
Author: Blake Crouch
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi
General Thoughts: I'm very impressed.
Rating: 4.25/5 stars.


First Lines:
"He came lying on his back with sunlight pouring on his face and the murmur of running water close by. There was a brilliant ache in his optic nerve, and a steady, painless throbbing at the base of his skull - the distant thunder of an approaching migraine."

How would you feel if you woke up, lonely, with no ID or cellphone and no recollection of your life, not knowing where you are? This is what happens to Ethan Burke, at the beginning of Pines, and things just get more and more confusing and intense from there. What is this place, Wayward Pines? And why is Ethan there?

My God, this was one of the most intense reads ever. And I think one of the only books that I didn't by any means know what was going to happen or what the twist was. I'm still not completely sure what the twist is!

First of all, it was intense. Very fast paced and super intriguing. I don't recollect reading anything boring or not action packed. It was a crazy ride from beginning to end.

The characters, well, they were incredibly weird. Because no one knows anything, and everyone is very, very suspicious. And you don't even know what you're supposed to be suspicious of. But at the same time, you kind of know who is good and who is bad. But it's like everyone is potentially good or bad.

The story itself was full of plot twists. You first think it might be something, and then it's something more deep, and then it's even more complicated than that and it just finally ends up being completely different.

I do have to say, a very strong issue I had with the story was how unrealistic it could seem at times. I mean, the MC Ethan, he's the fucking Terminator. I swear, he literally could have fallen from a plane and still would walk all the way through the story. I mean, maybe the author could have toned it down a little with all the things he did, because man was it kind of ridiculous.

Also, I think it's a very big risk to do something as extravagant for the story. Like, I'm still not completely convinced by it. But maybe the second book will get me around? I've been told it's very good, as well.

Really, this book is completely worth the risk. You won't loose your time at it, and maybe the rest of the series offers a good time as well. Recommend this to everyone, but be aware that it's kind of scary at times.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Big Scary Lions That Surprise You

Status: The Chronicles of Narnia #2
Author: C.S. Lewis
Genre: Children, Young Adult, Fantasy
General Thoughts: Great cutesy book.
Rating: 3.75/5 stars.


First Lines:
ONCE there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. This story is about something that happened to them when they were sent away from London during the war because of the air-raids. They were sent to the house of an old Professor who lived in the heart of the country, ten miles from the nearest railway station and two miles from the nearest post office. He had no wife and he lived in a very large house with a housekeeper called Mrs Macready and three servants. (Their names were Ivy, Margaret and Betty, but they do not come into the story much.) He himself was a very old man with shaggy white hair which grew over most of his face as well as on his head, and they liked him almost at once; but on the first evening when he came out to meet them at the front door he was so odd-looking that Lucy (who was the youngest) was a little afraid of him, and Edmund (who was the next youngest) wanted to laugh and had to keep on pretending he was blowing his nose to hide it. 

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is the thrilling start for the wonderful Narnia series, where we get introduced to the marvelous adventures of Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter, how it all started, and all the adventures that await.

Damn, I really like this series. I never read them as little because I just didn't have them here. But now I did and I feel great.

starting by saying, the movie adaptation was actually extremely close to the book. I mean, all the events from the book are in the movie, and they weren't changed chronologically or anything. There is of course, the factor that the book always offers more in depth knowledge of the story. But over all, very good adaptation.

The characters where even cuter in this book. But at the same, I didn't see them in depth, or at least not all. For example, Susan felt pretty ghostly for me, commenting when needed and being there to cause some trouble. But I can tell you, I hate Edmund more now. Before he was just an idiot. Now I find him an idiot and very stupid and evil.

One thing that surprised me was how Aslan's character changed for me. I had a very cute, harmless image of him, and with this book he became a little scary, actually.

And the scene where Aslan goes to the witch to be sacrificed, it affected more than it had with the movie. It was gruesome, even. I don't know, felt a little weird reading it like that.

Only thing, is that it's not as interesting as I thought it could be. And nothing really surprising happened.

Overall, I thought it was a great start for a book. definitely read it.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Netgalley Reviews. The Dissapointing kind.

Status: Stand Alone
Author: Michael Phillip Cash
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Contemporary
General Thoughts: God, no.
Rating: 1.25/5 stars.


The Witches Protection Program is a secret agency that's been running for years, that seeks to protect those good witches, Davinas, from the harm done by those bad witches, Villas. In here, we find our protagonist, Wes, who was sent after his first assignment at work went wrong, turning his world upside down.

That description sounds promising. *shade* Better than the book, for sure. *shade*

I'm so mad I didn't like this book. But I'm not really mad at myself, I'm mad at the author for making it such a bad book. When I was cruising around to find NetGalleys, I found this, saw the description, saw the glowing reviews, and thought "well, this is surely to be a fun ride". Wrong.

I really hate being mean about books. Authors put so much time and effort in this little pieces of papers, and so do editors and publishing houses. Whenever I don't like a book, I feel bad about not liking it, and having to later review it.

But this book, no. It was all so cliche. Every single paragraph in this book, I've read at least twelve times. Every. Single. Paragraph. And the writing style, well, it was non existent. It really felt like a million authors trying to write a book at the same time. It was so bad.

There's even this one line I highlighted...

"If I was a man, everybody would marvel at my aggression. I'd be called a go-getter, ambitious. People would respect me."

and then used the notes tool to write this...

"Even the feminist statement is cliche."

And there was ZERO character development. I CAN'T READ WITHOUT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. EVEN IF IT'S JUST A LITTLE BIT. Literally, the characters in this book had no personalities, and they changed their minds every few lines, and none had a clear intention of what they were trying to be.

And the worst, instalove. It was literally the worst instalove I've seen in my whole life. The characters, said two times each, separately, that they felt something weird going on, and then they were alone together, and bum, kiss. And they didn't even do that awkward "sorry..." dance that some instalovers do, they just flat out went at it.

Oh, and the main protagonist has dyslexia (don't worry, not a big deal part of the plot, doing you a favor) and I like that the author tried to put some normal problem that people kind of ignore but it's present and important. But even the way he treated it was horrible. I have a friend who has dyslexia, and she suffered a little about it when little, but I mean 6-10 little. This man makes it sound like he's so ashamed, like he murdered somebody. And I hated that so bad.

I could go on about everything that's wrong about this book, like how the plot didn't make sense, and everything happened to fast, or the unnecessary things said-never-resolved, the plot holes, etc. But I'm tired, so no.

I'm really sorry, but this book was really badly written, and plotted out, and constructed. I don't think he should have bothered in the first place.

It does have a .25 more in the rating because there were some fun lines or references I kind of smiled at.

I'm mad I didn't like this book. It really promised to be a fun read. But I was just expecting that, fun. But not even that. Really, don't bother reading it.

Thanks to Chelshire Inc. for providing me with this title!

Small disclaimer section.

Due to it being an ARC, I won't put the first lines.

I received this copy in exchange of an honest review, for so, none of my feelings were affected or biased by the author or publisher.