Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday Reads 07/25/2014

Hi friends! It's been a while since I wrote something, so I thought I'd give you a little update on my reading. I'm currently reading Lovesick, I'm around 60 pages in. This book is actually better than the other two, it's going great for now. After that I'll be reading Sarah's Key, because I'm really excited about that book and I've put this off for so long it's just getting ridiculous.

Also, I wanted to mention two things. First of all, I'm currently part of a "band", let's say, that plays "Christmas Song" every year from my school. And I have to go to rehearsals every Monday, Thursday and sometimes Saturday, like this week. So my reading time is a little cut off those days. And second, this Thursday is my Birthday! So I won't be getting any reading time, at all. So that day will be my free reading time. And, I really doubt it, but maybe, just maybe, my parents will give me a book as a present. I really really doubt it, but it's a possibility. *cross fingers*

And that's pretty much everything I wanted to say. Sometime soon I will post a review. Don't know when. And it's a surprise so, you'll see.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful, full of books, no-spoiler day!

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Yeah, I feel like I need to tell you what happened.

After day three of the BookTubeAThon I just continued feeling really bad in general. I had a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings and my headache made me keep my head rested in my pillow all day. Thanks to this I really didn't make any progress in the BookTubeAThon. I did manage to finish Ghostgirl. And that´s it. That´s all I did.

I feel really bad about not doing the BookTubeAThon properly. I've been waiting for the BookTubeAThon for over a year and have been preparing myself to do it for so long. And I was really excited when BookTubeAThon week finally came and then it just had to be ruined by me being sick. I really feel horrible about it, it's really sad and my heart is breaking a little about it.

Anyway, after this BookTubeAThon fiasco I have decided to finish the TBR I had planned for last this and once finished resume reading City of Lost Souls.

I am now feeling better and can hopefully read properly. I have already finished Homecoming and is currently reading Lovesick.

But anyway, thanks for reading guys and I hope you have a wonderful, full of books, non-spoiler day! And, remember, DON'T GET SICK IN BOOKTUBEATHON WEEK.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

BookTubeAThon Day 3

Hello fellas, here I come again.

I'm feeling a little more optimistic about the BookTubeAThon. I've decided not to stress myself over it and just do the best I can. And in real life, I'm actually feeling pretty bad. My throat got infected and it hurts like hell. I can't even open my mouth to talk properly. And my head hurts as well. And this of course affected my reading. You see, when I'm sick, I just want to cuddle in a bundle of sheets and never get out again. My apetite goes missing and my normal joyfullness goes as well. And normally I would just like to sit and read a good confy book. Buuuuut, if my head hurts, then I'm screwed. I don't even want to watch TV. It's pretty horrible. Thanks to all this, I didn't read as many as I wanted. I did past the middle of the book, but it isn't much.

But, tomorrow is a new day and new opportunities. My new plan is to finish Ghostgirl tomorrow and to start Homecoming. Then on Friday I would finish Homecoming and start Lovesick. After that, on Saturday I would finish Lovesick and start Catching Fire. And on Sunday, finish Catching Fire and maybe start Sarah's Key and see if I can finish it. This way, I will be completing four challenges, maybe five. This is the plan and I hope I can make it.

Moving on to the challenge of the day, I have to draw a better cover for any book. I chose my horrible cover of Animal Farm. And just decided to change it a little.

I drew the title as if it was written by the animals. If you've read this novel, which you should, you would know that the animals learnt about writing and reading. So I though I'd write the title like if it was some kind of kid writing it. Then, I drew the sign saying the very famous quote "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others", that I kind of butchered because I didn't remember it exactly. Oops, my mistake. And behind that sign I drew some fences to make it look like a farm and everything.

And that was my beautiful recreation of Animal Farm, hope you liked it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful, full of books, non-spoiler day!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

BookTubeAThon Day 2

So, guess what? I read as much as I read yesterday. I'm a complete failure.

Yes, I do have and excuse, I was really sick and didn't want to touch anything. My throat is killing me and I feel like I'm slowly dying. Very sad story. So let´s not talk about my failure and move on to todays challenge.

Today I'm supposed to find the items of three different covers. My books chosen for this are:


I'm not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells

They're very easy, not a really complicated challenge.
Yeah, so the Thirteenth tale is a book I absolutely adore, you should definitely read it. I gave it a 5 stars rating in Goodreads. And it has old books on the cover so I just had to take a picture of one of the sections of my dad's library (yes, I have a library for myself and my dad another one and so does my mom).

Dragonriders of Pern is a book I have yet to read. I actually absolutely adore dragons and I'm obsessed with them and I'm really excited to read a book about them but then I found out that it's actually a series. That book is probably older than me (it's my mom's) and I doubt I'll ever find the second copy, so I'm not really sure I want to start the series if it's going to leave me unsatisfied. And the picture of the dragon is an old stuffed animal I had when little, so it was perfect.

Next we have I'm Not A Serial Killer. This is really good, I think it has this very good reflections in it and it's very interesting in general, but I have a problem with one of the things that happened that completely ruined the story for me. So I ended up giving it a 3 stars rating in Goodreads. And the picture is from a paper. Nothing very complicated.

And that was my second day of the BookTubeAThon. It doesn't look very promising but we'll see.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful, full of books, non-spoiler day!

Monday, 14 July 2014

BookTubeAThon Day 1

Well hello guys! Isn't it a nice day today! Well, not for me!

In al seriousness, today hasn't really been productive to me at all. Yesterday I had this reunion to which I got home around 11pm. So this morning I woke up very late. And once I did woke up, I did some things I had to do and then I got a headache and it was a disaster let me tell you. My first day of the BookTubeAThon hasn't been productive at all and I've only read around 30 pages of Ghostgirl. Buuuuut, I promise to make up for it tomorrow (I hope). 

But let's move on from that and go on to the next thing. According to the video challenges, today I have to tell you about my top 3 books that I've read because if BookTube. So, here they are.

All of this books I've read solely or thanks to BookTube, that I probably wouldn't have picked up otherwise.

Starting by The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I first heard of it in a tumblr blog about books, where they seemed to mention Perks in every single post. I was intrigued by then. But it was later on when I saw one of my favorite BookTubers, Jessethereader, talk about it, that I finally decided to read the book. I did like this book, I thought it was very well done and very intriguing. Even though it didn't had an specific plot I thought that it is amazing and that it couldn't be better. I think I gave it a four or five stars or Goodreads.

Then we have Why We Broke Up. I saw this book in another of my favorite BookTube channels, Ariel Bissett. She recommend this book saying that it was a really good book and that the pictures were amazing and that the whole story is very interesting and a little heartbreaking. I got curious about it and wanted to read it immediately. Then, around Christmas, I was in a Drugstore with my mom when I suddenly see they have this small section of books at one side. I walk there just to check on what books did they have when suddenly I see this flash of read in front of me. I immediately though back to this hook and went to see. You had to see my surprised face when I found out it was actually that book. I was blowing of happiness. So, I begged my mom to buy me this book like you have no idea. And she did :). After that, I started reading this book piece by piece. I read a few chapters every night. And I found this book to be amazing. It was really good and the drawing were beautiful and you literally feel like you're going through a heartbreak with this. I really really liked and I think everyone should read this book. I gave it a 5 stars rating on Goodreads.

And lastly, my dear old friend. City of Bones. Actually, the whole series. That's the only reason why I'm reading them. I did wanted to read it back in 2010 or so. But I wasn't really pushed to it or anything. It was later on with BookTube that I decided to start reading them. Being honest, I did not like this series very much. They're kind of entertaining, but they're not really good literature and they have A LOT of flaws. But anyway, I'll take it.

And that's it, that was my first day of the BookTubeAThon, I hope tomorrow I can move on and read more than what I did today.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful, full of books, non-spoiler day!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Quick Update 07/12/2014

Hello guys, I just wanted to tell you that I will not be able to finish City of Lost Souls before the BookTubeAThon for personal reason and lack of time. This means I will continue to read it after the BookTubeAThon finishes. I'm really sorry, but you'll just have to wait a week. Thanks for reading guys, and sorry again.

BookTubeAThon 2014!

It's that time of the year again! The BookTubeAThon is here! And it comes reloaded.

If for some reason you don't know what the BookTubeAThon is or have any questions about it, then here's a link for you to inform yourselves. BookTubeAThon

So, assuming you've informed yourselves about it, I am now going to tell you my plans for that week.

First of all, the BookTubeAThon comes with a bunch of challenges listed and as the very competitive person I am, I plan on completing them all! So, for that, I have created a TBR pile that will help me complete them in the most efficient way.

 This are just picture of the planning I did.

Starting by the first book, Ghostgirl. I've already read this book and the second one as well. But I have yet to read the third one. I have been planing for a long time now to marathon this series and what better moment than now! Reading this books will take off the list the "start and finish a series" and the "read a book with pictures in it" challenges. I will marathon the series and complete two challenges. That's what I call three birds with one stone.

Next up we have Catching Fire. Don't panic, yes, I have already read this book. I'm not that behind in books. Breath. The thing is I plan on rereading this series as well. And I have already reread The Hunger Games, so next would be Catching Fire, and this is the perfect opportunity. This will take off the list the "read a book with read in it" and the "read a book turned into movie and watch it" challenges.

After that I plan on reading The Distant Hours. This is a book that I've bee wanting to read for so long because it's by one of my favorite authors, Kate Morton, and I've read two of her four books. And I've heard everybody say that this is her best novel. And considering that the other two were amazing this must be heaven. But it's a book I've been wanting to read with free time, that I've been lacking this few months. But now is the time and I'm more than ready. This book will complete the "read a book by the genre you've read the least this year" and surprisingly, that genre is mystery! I'm a die hard fan of mystery novels and crime and suspense, and also historical fiction, but I've read nothing this year from mystery. And I want to read more mystery. I want to get back to my mystery mood. And I'm starting with this book.

Lastly, I will be reading Sarah's Key. This is another mystery, historical fiction book, which is great for my determination to read more mystery novels. This is another book I've been wanting to read for a long time, but never got around. And my mom keeps telling me to read and specially since lately I've been invested in World War and all that time I will like it more. So this book crosses the "read a book recommended by someone else" challenge.

And finally, the final challenge of reading seven books in total or 300 pages per day will depend on how well I do. Let's hope it all goes as planned.

Also, the BookTubeAThon has a YouTube part to it. Everyday, the booktubers are supposed to follow the instructions of the day, wheter it's show your favorite book or your top 5 authors. And I though that was a really cool idea and I wanted to do it myself, but I'm not a booktuber so it doesn't really work for me. Buuuuuuut, I'm doing them anyway.

Everyday, I'll be showing you and update of my books so far and how my day went, but also, I'll be showing you the challenges set for booktubers. And that way I'll have more fun!

I'm also going to use a bookmark where I'll be checking all the things I read and all the challenges I complete, etc. This way I won't loose track of anything and will be continuing to do my Bookmark thing.

That's it! If you have any thoughts about what I'm doing with the BookTubeAThon and you want to share them with me, then please leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful, full of books, non-spoiler day!

Also, have some extra hipstery pictures I took. Enjoy!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Bookmark Update 07/11/2014

It's Friday my friends and my reading week has gone pretty well up until now. I actually expected less from this week, due to the fact that I had a lot to do this week. But somehow I managed to find some time to read.


Up until now I've read City of Glass and City of Fallen Angels. And plan on finishing City of Lost Souls before Monday. I'm trying to finish them before Monday because The Booktube-a-thon starts that day, and that's a whole other story. I will be making a post about it later, about all the books I plan to read and about the challenges and stuff.

And that's it, short post, but I wanted to address this and just let you know what I'm reading. If you want to share something with me about this books, comment down below and let me know.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful, full of books, non-spoiler day!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer

Author: Stephanie Meyer
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
General Thoughts: Horrible, but it's a better love story than Twilight (if you know what I mean).
Recommendation: If you actually like Twilight or if you don't mind mistakes in books
Rating: 2/5 stars.

 (This is the most accepted cover)
First Lines
First Sight
 This was the time of day when I wished I were able to sleep.
High school.
Or was purgatory the right word? If there was any way to atone for my sins, this ought to count toward the tally in some measure. The tedium was not something I grew used to; every day seemed more impossibly monotonous that the last.
I suppose this was my form of sleep-if sleep was defined as the inert state between active periods.
Before starting I will assume that every single one of you has read the Twilight series or at least the first one, because, let's admit it, we all did. Even I had my Twilight phase. So I won't explain any important plot points in the story.

And also, I need to point out that personally I do not like Twilight or the series at all. When I was younger I used to like it but I've grown and realized that Twilight isn't any good at all. But if you by any reasons like, enjoy or love this book then I have no problem with that. But I must warn you that I'm going to be tough on this and that if I insult you or harm you in any way, I'm really sorry for it, I did not mean it.

Starting off by the fact that Oh, My, God how incredibly unrealistic and wrong Twilight actually is that it becomes ridiculous. This are the moments where you realize how much you've grown since Twilight and oh have I grown.

But let's not talk about Twilight because that will be a review for another day. We're here for Midnight Sun.

So, what is Midnight Sun, you may ask? Well, Midnight Sun is the unfinished work by Stephanie Meyer, retelling Edward's and Bella's love story in Twilight, from the point of view of Edward.

When I found out that Stephanie Meyer was writing Twilight from the point of view of Edward, at first I though it was a lie. There was no way she was writing all this books again by his point of view. So I paid no mind to it. Recently, I remembered about it and though, hey, was it true after all? That's when I began to search for answers and found all this drama of her draft being published without her knowing and how she then didn't want to write it anymore and for so she was leaving the draft up in the internet and WAIT WHAT! She actually let a free draft of her book online. I'm reading it, I'm all for free.

So once again I ventured myself in the world of vampires and werewolf that I though I had left behind in my past. My expectations where, this is going to be horrible, I'm going to waste my time and really, let's admit it, it's going to ruin the story as I know it. It's already bad and it's going to make it worse. But I read it anyway. And God, what I found.

The book starts with Edward and his family in the cafeteria scene where Edward and Bella first see each other. Everything goes exactly the way the other book did. At this point I was already dreading my decision, thinking why did I do this, again? But the bright side was that it was nice to know what Edward was really thinking. Even though we already knew this because that's the only thing Twilight does, describe everything.

As I move on, I encounter myself with some particular words and scenes that just made me cringe. Let me show you and I'll explain.

I didn't listen to whatever this made her think-I was having too much fun watching the girl check her snow chains. She actually looked in some danger of falling, the way her feet were sliding around. No one else was having trouble-had she parked in the worst of the ice?

This always bothered me of Twilight. Stephanie Meyer tries so hard to make Bella look so dumb and dorky and klutzy and completely incapable of walking alone. And no. That doesn't happen. I understand there's people who are a little dorkier than others and are more keen to fall and that there's people that just don't work for sports. I myself am a little klutzy. But what Stephanie Meyer tries to sell us is just ridiculous. It's not real, ok. It's unrealistic. And this is the kind of thing that made people love it so much. And it makes me angry because it gives us a completely impossible idea of what we should be like to attract someone. IT'S NOT REAL. I'm so mad about it. And it gets worse.

I looked to see what had his interest.

Look at all the contusions! How many times did her mother drop her? Carlisle laughed to himself at his joke.
Really, contusions, really?

It's not correct, like, a person doesn't hit himself in the head that many times and that hard at seventeen. Specially not a girl who likes to seat down rather than run, read a book instead of playing sports. I have a serious problem with unrealistic books. And I don't mean fantasy, because I love fantasy. I mean when things happen of a way that just doesn't happen. At all.

I was surprised, watching her stumble through the day-tripping over cracks in the sidewalk, stray books, and, most often, her own feet-that the people I eavesdropped on though of Bella as clumsy. I considered that. It was true that she often had trouble staying upright. I remembered her stumbling into the desk that first day, sliding around on the ice before the accident, falling over the low lip of the door frame yesterday...How odd, they were right. She was clumsy.

One more sentence like this and I'll rip my eyes out.

Then we find ourselves with other scenes like this.

"Well," Mr. Banner said, pursing his lips. "I guess it's good you two are lab partners." He turned and walked away mumbling, "So the other kids can get a chance to learn something for themselves," under his breath. I doubted the girl could hear that.

In this we can see how Stephanie Meyer worries about small details like a freak. That would be a good thing, if it wasn't because the details are so stupid and so useless that it's just obnoxious and tiring. In Twilight, Bella hears this first sentence, but then only hears a muttering. That's exactly what Edward describes. It's like she's there saying "Did you got it, pay attention to it, it's not important, but I' going to make a full 12 line paragraph about it". It's so annoying. And it happens multiple time. Every three paragraphs, you'll find yourself with one of this. Example.

This didn't fit with the scenario I'd been constructing in my head.

"Why didn't you stay with them?" I asked, my voice a little too curious. It sounded like I was being nosy.

Which I was, admittedly.

*eye cringe*. Just stop already! I don't need to be told this kind of stuff. I already know them. It's just horrible.

Dear God, moving on.

The little V between her eyes, a remnant of her sorrow, bothered me. I wanted to smooth it away with my fingertip.

*face palm*. Really? A remnant of her sorrow? Just one in her whole face? The rest was fine?

This is yet another thing I hate about Twilight. It's like the characters are androids who have their faces divided and every single one of them tells a different emotion. I can understand when they say "She was smiling, but her eyes were sad" or "The smile didn't quite reach her eyes" because it's real, it means she was trying to smile, but it wasn't genuine. But this is like "Half her lip was smiling, while the other half was sad and her eyes held anger while her cheekbone told me completely otherwise." Say what?

Really, just...let's move on.

"What holds you here, Edward? I'm failing to see..."

"I don't know if I can explain." Even to myself, it made no sense.

He measured my expression for a long moment.

No, I do not see. But I will respect your privacy, if you prefer.

"Thank you. It's generous of you seeing as how I give privacy to no one."

That was a conversation between Edward and his father Carlisle. I finished reading this and was like, well, that sure was awkward, right Edward. But he just moved on like if that was the a normal conversation that he normally has with his father and I was left there like really? That's the fabulous and super confident relationship you claim to have with your father. Really? Because I sure as hell don't talk to my parents or my close friend as awkward as that was. That conversation didn't flow at all. It was so fake that Paris Hilton had to kneel in front of that. It really bothers me, the unrealistic factor. Really, it's just agh. Someone needs to teach Stephanie Meyer how real conversations work, because this was not it.

I could really keep adding examples of how horrible this book was, but I think you've got my point by now.

Even so, along the way you find yourself with numerous obstacles to read. For example, when Edward was reading people's minds, there was no change or distinction between normal text and the person's though. It really bothered me because it made me really confused. But I know that probably, when the final edit was made, that would have been fixed, along with the numerous orthographical and visual mistakes found along the way. I just wanted to acknowledge it.

As for the author's decision of not completing the book because she no longer felt moved to write because of the horrible treason the person who infiltrated to book did, I though that it was fine, I think I would have done the same. It's a really sad thing and distasteful. So, take this as a lesson, people, and don't do this kind of things because it doesn't turn out well for nobody.

And lastly, this book was full of mistakes, infested with unrealistic moments and just made my eyes cringe in general. But even though all of this, there's one thing that makes the story in general worse. I would have preferred a million times to read it from Edwards point of view.

Reading it from Bella's view makes her look so dumb and stupid and all those though that are just irrational and idiotic, while making Edward look like a God who cannot be touched and that no matter how much you try to convince us that he makes mistakes that are egoistic and egocentric, he's still perfect.

But from Edward's view, we actually see that he's really obsessed and dangerous and irrational and we see Bella like she was actually braver and more rational and intelligent. It would have been so much much better to read it with his thoughts. It wouldn't have been as horrible. And that's the reason why I rated it two stars instead of just one.

In general, this book is awful. But it's obsessive and admit it or not, Twilight brought us all here (or most of us) and without Twilight we wouldn't have all this books that progressed after Twilight.

In the end, you could definitely live without reading Midnight Sun.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Monthly Bookmark - July

Oh July, how have I been waiting for you.

The time has come my friends, finally after all the stress and the subjects and all the people, we finally get the thing we crave the most. Summer. 

And as a good reader I plan to spend most of it reading like there was no tomorrow!

Sooooo if I plan to follow that statement, then that means that I should get on it right now.

Last month I wasn't able to read all of the books I wanted so all of those books will be read this month (see above Mortal Instruments).

The obligatory TBR this month is to read City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels ad City of Lost Souls. Once I finish those I plan to read the next two books in the Percy Jackson series to continue my PJO read-a-long. And from there I'll see where the wind takes me!

This month's bookmark theme is the Legend series, featuring Legend, Prodigy and Champion. I personally think this series was amazing, action packed and very intriguing. It does has it flaws but I forgave them because the series is amazing and Marie Lu's writing is pretty awesome as well. I love Day, I think he's great and really cute and bad-ass and June is my role model because the badassery you find in her is beyond what you could imagine. Great series, I recommend it if you haven't started it. It's fast paced, easy to read and the feels are everywhere.

That's it, if you have anything you'd want me to know or you want to share please comment down below.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful, full of books, non-spoiler day!