Saturday, 31 May 2014


I have a lot of bookmarks. A lot of bookmarks. Funny thing is, I never use them.

When I start a new book, I'm always too engrossed with it and normally I'll finish it the day I started it or the day after. So I never got time to use a bookmark because I never put it down. If I get interrupted, I'll use whatever it's on my reach: money, pencils, papers, sometimes other books, even my phone. Most times I just memorize the number off the page and close it. And when I do remember to look for a bookmark, I'm too into the book and I don't want to put it down to go look for it. And then I finish the book. And the process begins once again.

It's not really as awful as it could. I have a good memory, so must of the times I remember the pages. But sometimes I forget or I'm not sure it's the correct page. It's come to a point where it's frustrating me a bit. And I think it's time to change that.

I have decided to put a challenge on myself. I have to learn to use bookmarks. I need to learn to use them.

I have been tossing ideas for improving that and one of those ideas was to make a bookmark myself. But not any kind of bookmark, a monthly bookmark. It will be themed with a favorite book of mine. And it will have space for me to copy all of the books I've read on the month. And on the back, the books I plan to read that month. This way, I will be looking at something that I like and I will also have something to do on it so I'll be kind of obligatory for me to have it every time.

I will be making this bookmark soon and, of course, I'll be sharing them with you every time. Which of course, will create a new thing in my blog. Every first of the month, I will be uploading a post about my bookmark and it'll have periodical updates. And at the end of the month, there'll be the final update of how did my bookmark do and how much did I respect my TBR, and also if the idea has succeed in my goal to learn to use bookmarks. So that's something for you to look out for on my blog.

That's just one of the ideas. There's other thing I will do as well, like trying to remember to pick a bookmark before I start reading a book. And to be more attentive to it.

If you have any other ideas that could help me in my challenge, you're more than welcome to share them and to improve my other ideas as well. If you liked it, tell me about it. If you think I'm loosing my time, tell me as well. Just tell me what you're thinking.

I'll post you later. Have a wonderful, full of books, non-spoiler day!

Saturday, 24 May 2014


Welcome, welcome.

My name is Ana and I come here to deliver what you're yearning for. Yes, I know! Another book blog!

In all seriousness, I know the idea of having yet another book blog is not really appealing, but you've got to start somewhere.

Really, the reason for this blog's existence is more of a necessity rather than just me wanting to do this. I own a Goodreads account in which I post my reviews and thoughts of the books I read, just like everybody else. But I want more. I want to be able to speak a little more, not just reviews, but also my thoughts about other themes that I need to get off my chest. Not just books but the things that surround them and what comes with them, and I'm not able to do that with Goodreads. In it, it's just the specific review of an specific book. In this blog, I could talk about things I like to find in books, that thrill me and excite me, or the moods I'm feeling with a genre, whether it's boring me to death or I'm getting a kick at it, or maybe write about pet peeves that make my eyes twitch when I read or hear about. The possibilities are infinite. And I want that.

Most of you would say "Well, why don't you create a booktube vlog, you can make all those stuff there, too". Well, it's not a bad idea, but at the moment I find it terribly hard to even start planning the idea. It's a mixture of not enough books to buy, not the necessary time, not the machinery needed, between other stuff. Eventually, I'd like to get there. In the mean time, this will do just fine.

Now that I've explained my reasons, let's get in what this whole experiment will become. I love books, if you hadn't figured that out. And I read considerably fast. And I'd like to think I'm a decent writer. And in this blog, I'll have it all. I'm just starting and experimenting a little with this. For the moment, it will be most likely only book reviews, and updates as to what I'm reading and explanations about why I haven't read today, etc. But, as more response I get, I will be upgrading to the discussions I was talking about above. And maybe do it periodically. And, of course, I take suggestions as to what do you want to see or anything you'd like me to do. But mainly, and most importantly, book reviews.

There's not much else left to say except hope you embark on this "journey" or "experiment" with me and, most importantly, enjoy it.

I hope you have a wonderful, full of books, non-spoiler day!