Monday, 30 June 2014

June Bookmark Wrap Up

June it's finally over! And I'm ready and super excited for July!

This month was super low on the reading side. It was my last month of school and it consisted of two weeks full of exams and the next two full of finals. You can imagine how it went?

Leaving that aside, I did manage to read three books this month. Yeah, just three...but, I plan on regaining all that time lost in July and August. I plan on reading a shit ton of books.

I respected my TBR (even though Percy Jackson wasn't in the original) but I didn't complete it, which is kind of a success for me, because I almost never respect my TBR.

I started reading City of Ashes first, but I found myself not as interested as I could, so somewhere in between I read The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monsters. It was so much fun to reread the first two Percy Jackson books. It brought so much memories from when I was reading this books and it reminded me how funny and amazing they are. And because I read them in my iPod I was able to read them all the time, which was a clear advantage. I'm really glad I read them again, because there was a lot of stuff I didn't remember at all and was a bit revealing to me. I will talk more about them when I do a separate review of each.

As for City of Ashes, I have to say that it got so much better than what I remember of City of Bones. At first I had a hard time getting at it because I didn't really care much and because I didn't remember anything from the first one. So that was a problem. But by the end it got better and I kind of like it now. We'll see how it goes with the next ones.

That's all I read this month, so let's move on to the progress I made using my bookmark!

Good news, I actually used the bookmark! It was there when I left the book for rest and I didn't get lost at all. The only problem is that I still got the habit of leaving the book when I stand up to do something quick, which is a problem. But I guess I'll solve that with time and patience.

And that's it! This is my Bookmark Wrap Up, I really hope you enjoyed and if you have anything to share with me comment down below!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful, full of books, non-spoiler day!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Monthly Bookmark - June

New month, new life, new starts!

This is the first post of my new improving idea for using more bookmarks. It'll be called, for now, Monthly Bookmark.(Because I'm just that original).

In this I will show you my new bookmark and in there you'll find my "TBR" ("TBR" because I'll probably won't follow it) and every now and then I will be updating it with all the books I've read for now.

So, without further ado, let's begin!


This month bookmark-theme is Attachments by Rainbow Rowell because it's the last book I added at my favorite's shelf (ignore Animal Farm), and it's really a cute theme to put on a bookmark. I had a hard time doing those freaking chairs but they came out ok at the end.

My TBR consist on reading the whole The Mortal Instruments series this month because I think I've been putting it off for enough time and now that City of Heavenly Fire is out, I have more incentive to read it. Also, I plan on re-reading the first two Percy Jackson and the Olympians book because reading two books every month will get me ready for The Blood of Olympus (raise your hand if you're crying at this). But maybe I won't read them this month but the next, because I'm really busy right now, that's why they're not on the "official TBR". And I already read them so there's no hurry, really.

And that's it, that's my Monthly Bookmark and my TBR. The bookmark it's not really that well crafted but I'll get better along the way. Also, the timing isn't exact but whatever. I really hope you enjoyed and that you leave a comment talking about what you think about this, any suggestions you'd like to tell. Anything, really.

I'll talk to you later, and I hope you have a wonderful, full of book, non-spoiler day!