Thursday, 24 July 2014


Yeah, I feel like I need to tell you what happened.

After day three of the BookTubeAThon I just continued feeling really bad in general. I had a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings and my headache made me keep my head rested in my pillow all day. Thanks to this I really didn't make any progress in the BookTubeAThon. I did manage to finish Ghostgirl. And that´s it. That´s all I did.

I feel really bad about not doing the BookTubeAThon properly. I've been waiting for the BookTubeAThon for over a year and have been preparing myself to do it for so long. And I was really excited when BookTubeAThon week finally came and then it just had to be ruined by me being sick. I really feel horrible about it, it's really sad and my heart is breaking a little about it.

Anyway, after this BookTubeAThon fiasco I have decided to finish the TBR I had planned for last this and once finished resume reading City of Lost Souls.

I am now feeling better and can hopefully read properly. I have already finished Homecoming and is currently reading Lovesick.

But anyway, thanks for reading guys and I hope you have a wonderful, full of books, non-spoiler day! And, remember, DON'T GET SICK IN BOOKTUBEATHON WEEK.

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