Wednesday, 16 July 2014

BookTubeAThon Day 3

Hello fellas, here I come again.

I'm feeling a little more optimistic about the BookTubeAThon. I've decided not to stress myself over it and just do the best I can. And in real life, I'm actually feeling pretty bad. My throat got infected and it hurts like hell. I can't even open my mouth to talk properly. And my head hurts as well. And this of course affected my reading. You see, when I'm sick, I just want to cuddle in a bundle of sheets and never get out again. My apetite goes missing and my normal joyfullness goes as well. And normally I would just like to sit and read a good confy book. Buuuuut, if my head hurts, then I'm screwed. I don't even want to watch TV. It's pretty horrible. Thanks to all this, I didn't read as many as I wanted. I did past the middle of the book, but it isn't much.

But, tomorrow is a new day and new opportunities. My new plan is to finish Ghostgirl tomorrow and to start Homecoming. Then on Friday I would finish Homecoming and start Lovesick. After that, on Saturday I would finish Lovesick and start Catching Fire. And on Sunday, finish Catching Fire and maybe start Sarah's Key and see if I can finish it. This way, I will be completing four challenges, maybe five. This is the plan and I hope I can make it.

Moving on to the challenge of the day, I have to draw a better cover for any book. I chose my horrible cover of Animal Farm. And just decided to change it a little.

I drew the title as if it was written by the animals. If you've read this novel, which you should, you would know that the animals learnt about writing and reading. So I though I'd write the title like if it was some kind of kid writing it. Then, I drew the sign saying the very famous quote "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others", that I kind of butchered because I didn't remember it exactly. Oops, my mistake. And behind that sign I drew some fences to make it look like a farm and everything.

And that was my beautiful recreation of Animal Farm, hope you liked it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful, full of books, non-spoiler day!

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